About Taiwan Scene

About Us

Taiwan Scene is the online journal of MyTaiwanTour.

We publish stories introducing readers to the culture, scenery and travel possibilities of our homeland, articles to help travelers make the most of their time in Taiwan, and occasional interviews with movers and shakers from Taiwan’s ever-expanding creative scene.

Prolonged exposure to Taiwan Scene may instill in readers a profound desire to experience Taiwan personally. If these cravings persist, please contact us immediately.



Editor in Chief: Joshua Samuel Brown

Joshua Samuel Brown (AKA Josambro) is the author of Vignettes of Taiwan and co-author of Formosa Moon (ThingsAsian Press). He’s co-authored thirteen Lonely Planet guides, including two editions of Lonely Planet Taiwan, and has written articles from Taiwan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Belize, America, Norway and more for publications around the globe since 1997.

Creative Editor: April Chen
A graduate of advertising and French at National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan, April is passionate about digital communication and has worked as online magazine editor at ELLE magazine and a social media executive throughout Taiwan. Her skills include digital marketing, content marketing and SEO, as well as crafting communication strategy and branding. In addition to being the Creative Editor at Taiwan Scene, she’s also the social media specialist for MyTaiwanTour.



Jenna Lyn Cody is a corporate trainer and writer living in Taipei. Her long-running blog, Lao Ren Cha contains her musings on women’s issues in Asia, as well as travel, hiking, photography and food – with a few personal anecdotes thrown in.

Stephanie Huffman is pursuing her Master’s Degree at National Chengchi University. In addition to her studies, she is interning at a local puppet museum. She is a contributing writer for Topics Magazine and Uni Air, and co-author of Formosa Moon (ThingsAsian Press).

Klaus Bardenhagen, German reporter in Taipei. Keeping my eyes open for all things interesting and unique. Klaus aim is to increase the Western world’s knowledge about Taiwan’s democracy, society, nature, and people.

Ellie Olcott (who also responds to Áo En Líng) is a British freelance journalist based in Taipei. In between preparing for Chinese classes at the National Taiwan University, she goes about exploring the city and indulging in Taipei’s best food.