10 Questions about the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, Taiwan

For the past several months there’s been a buzz around Taiwan about The Universiade. Saturday, August 19th marks the first day of the event. But what is The Universiade about?And what’s the deal with “Chinese Taipei”?

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Q1. What is “The Universiade”?

The Universiade is a biannual international sporting event organized for university level athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). It’s kind of like the Olympics, but for university level athletes.

Q2. Where does the word “Universiade” come from?

Universiade is a combination of the words “University” and “Olympiad”. It’s also known as the the World University Games or World Student Games.

Q3. What are the events?

Ranging from Archery to Wushu, Universiade competitions include a number of aquatic events, basketball, fencing, football, gymnastics and more. Martial arts include Wushu, Taekwondo and Judo. There will also be some demonstration events as well.

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Q4. Where will they happen?

Events are spread out over the course of 13 days and 79 venues all over northern Taiwan (mostly Taipei, though a few events will be held in Taoyuan and Hsinchu). The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at Taipei Stadium. Check out the full schedule here.

Q5. Why is this a big deal for Taiwan?

Between participants (including athletes, delegates, and their families) and spectators, Taiwan is looking forward to welcoming up to 30,000 visitors. This alone is a pretty big deal. For Taipei, the Universiade presents an unparalleled opportunity to show off the capital city’s amazing infrastructure and unique charm.

Q6. What’s this “Chinese Taipei” thing about?

Due to political considerations stemming from Taiwan’s complicated relations with the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan has agreed to compete under the name “Chinese Taipei,” and use the moniker “Chinese Taipei” rather than “Taiwan” for many official purposes pertaining to the game.

Q7. Has this appeased the Chinese government?

Of course! Beijing has encouraged its athletes to compete in all events in the name of sportsmanship, international harmony, and goodwill.


Q8.You’re kidding, right?

Yes. This article from Forbes.com sums up China’s actual response quite well : China Pushes Taiwan Relations To A New Low With Sporting Event Boycott. 

Q.9 Enough about politics. What else is going on in Taiwan during the event?

Taiwan’s travel industry has been working overtime for months to ensure our international guests have plenty to do outside of the games themselves. MyTaiwanTour is offering a series of special tours (complimentary for visiting delegates, referees and others connected to the event) for the duration of the Universiade.

Q10. Can members of the general public also go on tours?

Absolutely. We’re also offering a few specially scheduled single day tours for the general public. Click here to see what’s going on, or head over to our http://www.mytaiwantour.com to check out the other tours we offer.

See you at the games!

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