2016 Top 30 Moments of MyTaiwanTour

This year we’ve hosted more than 10,000 guests all over the world and received 400+ 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. On the last day of 2016, we want to review these memorable moments we’ve been through, hoping to meet all of you again here in Taiwan!

The Nature Moments

Recalling the trip in Taiwan, you would find it amazing that a small island could possibly possess all the incredible nature beauty. And it’s all here just waiting for you to discover.


NO1.Do the handstand at Brown Avenue: Travel around Taiwan with folded bike.


NO2.Hiking in Taiwan: hiking is definitely one of the most popular activities in Taiwan for foreign tourists!

NO3. Enjoy the amazing city view while hiking in Elephant Mt.


NO4. The facial expression means: I enjoyed the mountain views in Taiwan!


NO5. Walking in the bamboo forest with the thick fog to feel a Chinese poetic vibe.


NO6. A series of alien rocks at Yehliu, the north coast of Taiwan.

The Couple Moments

Sometimes it doesn’t matter where we go, but the one with you. The one who always be with you wherever you are. Just like these lovely couple didn’t forget to leave the evidence of their love on the trip.


NO7. What can be more romantic than enjoying the pink sunset at Alishan with your beloved ones!


NO8. They really want to know the answer! Please give them some good ideas!


NO9.Marry him of course!


NO10.It’s a good idea to kiss in front of the thousand island lake!


NO11. It’s not that scary to walk through a suspension bridge when you are with your man!


NO12.Full of love: These four lovely couples are seating in front of the logo of Taipei 101.


NO13.The couple really wants to have crabs for dinner!


NO14.This guy proposed to his girlfriend at Shifen, and she said YES!

The Family Moments

This year we’ve received many families all over the world as usual, and also these cute boys and girls share their fun time with us. How can you resist these adorable cuties, can’t you! They just made these places look a lot more interesting!


NO15.This family put on the bamboo hats and boots to experience farming work in Taiwan.


NO16.The most enjoyable part for little kids was probably drawing the lantern with their own hands!


NO17.Mr. Su took his children and grandchildren back to the Su family historical house in Tainan to worship their ancestors.


NO18.It looks so fun to float on the paddy field to help with the harvest!

The Friends Moments

With friends, we can truly show the other side of us. Sometimes it is because of them making the whole trip different.


NO19.Skinny Dipping in a nature stream in eastern Taiwan is a must-do activity with friends!


NO20.These guys are having fun pretending they are the guards of National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine!


NO21.Zhuilu Old Trail: Hiking in Taroko Gorge takes great energy and guts!


 NO22.After the world tour in Taiwan, MyTaiwanTour took Madonna’s crew traveled around in Taipei.


NO23.Celebrating the Moon Festival with the pomelos given by MyTaiwanTour.

Behind The Scene: The amusing pics

Taking pictures is also need some creativity. Now you can see how much they enjoy the moment in Taiwan!


NO24.When it comes to theme restaurants, you must not miss out the toilet hot pot!


NO25.Next time when you visit Lin An Tai Historical House remember to bring a fan!


NO26.Do in Taiwan as Taiwanese do!  The guy is having fun in Taiwanese karaoke box!


NO27.This is really a selfless and great wish!


NO28. Celebrating Christmas in Taiwan was also an amazing experience!


NO29. Join the vintage Taipei day tour get to choose a taiwanese fabric for a drawstring for free!


NO30. taking a photo with the huge pineapple bun stone while eating a pineapple bun!

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