3 Ideas For Family, Couples, and Friends To Travel Around Taiwan

For those who never been to Taiwan or just spent a short stay in Taiwan, we’d love to tell  you there’re a lot more than your expectation that this small island can give you. We specially designed 3 different ways for you to explore around Taiwan. Whoever you travel with, family, friends, or lovers, you can always find there’s so much to see from one end of the island to the other and hope to back here again!


For FAMILY : Taiwan is small, but with abundant natural resources, including mountains and beaches. Here are our top suggestions for family trips in Taiwan. National Palace Museum and Yehliu Geopark are both incredible masterpieces separately from human beings and natural world.

If you’re in Tainan, definitely can’t miss Anping Tree House. It’s an amazing reminder of how nature works and prevail. Travel to eastern part of Taiwan, a stop in National Museum of Prehistory to get to know the root of Taiwanese aboriginal culture. Headed to Hualien, Taroko National Park is one of the most beautiful site. Created by the continual rising of the mountains, the marvelous gorge and cliff will give you an unforgettable experience in Taiwan.

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For FRIENDS : The last thing you need to worried about is nowhere to have fun in Taiwan. A night hiking in Elephant Mountain with the stunning view of Taipei City is nearly everyone will do with their friends. Not to mention spend days in eastern Taiwan, there’re many wonderful hidden spots here. To try something traditional and Taiwanese flavor, countless delicious street food are waiting for you in Tainan. When you visit Sun Moon Lake, with tourist-friendly biking trail, it’s easy for you to view Sun Moon Lake from another perspective rather than a boat ride.

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For LOVERS : The spots marked on the map are especially suitable and highly recommend for lovers. Wander in the small mountain town Taiwan’s Triple Jewels 5 Day Tour, release a sky lantern and send it up with your wishes in Pingxi. Lots of couples even propose here, Isn’t that beautiful! Headed south to Taichung and Tainan, unlike fast-paced environment in Taipei, you can enjoy more cultural atmosphere here. A boat ride with night scene around love river or a bike tour along with crop fields and breathtaking view in Brown Avenue. Before back to Taipei, remember to have a hot spring JiaoSi. That’ s really a good way for couples to speed up your relationship.

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