5 useful things you can do at 7-Eleven in Taiwan

You’ve probably noticed that 7-Elevens are absolutely everywhere in Taiwan and Taipei in particular. They seem to be on every street corner, down every lane. In front of you, behind you, in your peripheral vision. Sometimes we even see 7-Elevens when we close our eyes. In Taiwan, it’s way more than just a store where you can grab snacks and a beer. Here’s a list of things you can do/get at Taiwanese 7-Elevens that might be useful for visitors. 

1.You can withdraw money

Need cash and struggling to find an ATM? Head to 7-Eleven. Every store has an ATM in it where you can withdraw money with both local and foreign cards. Can’t read Chinese? No worries, there is an English language option, so no chance of you withdrawing all of your savings by accident!

2.Take care of business

No, we don’t mean you can hold meetings at 7-Eleven – although some stores do have tables and seating, so maybe if you’re desperate to find somewhere to give that important presentation… We’re talking about bathrooms. Yep, 7-Elevens have public restrooms. Not all stores have this luxury, but if you’ve really gotta go, your nearest 7 might be the place to relieve yourself. 

Most of 7-Elevens in Taiwan have public restrooms. (image source: Taiwan Scene)
(image source: Unsplash)

3.Buy and print train tickets

You can buy Taiwan Rail tickets from the ibon kiosk in any 7-Eleven store and can also print ones that you’ve already purchased online. The machine can also be used to refund tickets for journeys you can no longer make. And, of course, the service is available in English and also Japanese in case you 看不懂中文 (can’t read Chinese).

ibon’s service is available both in English and Japanese. (Image source: Taiwan Scene)
Image source: ibon

4.Print documents and pictures

The ibon kiosk also allows you to print out files saved on USB drives and memory cards, such as photographs and written documents. You can also email documents directly to the kiosk using the address ibon@ibon.com.tw. Very useful for boarding passes, tickets to attractions and, if you’re old school, maps of hiking trails.

7-Eleven provides printing service. (Image source: Taiwan Scene)
(image source: Unsplash)

5.Get a sim card

No need to go to a proper phone store, you can get a prepaid 4G sim from NT$350, including five days of unlimited data. All you need is your passport and visa, so no excuse not to Instagram the hell out of your #Taiwan vacation.

(image source: Unsplash)