6 Cafes to Enjoy Pet Day in Taipei

This Saturday April 11 is Pet Day; not that you need an excuse to celebrate your favorite furry friends. However, Pet Day gives you even more reason to enjoy petting your cats, dogs and more. Not got a pet of your own? We’ve rounded up six places in Taipei where you can hang out with animals so you don’t feel like you’re missing out this coming Pet Day. (You might also like: In search of the elusive Formosan black bear in Taiwan)

Genki Cat Coffee (元氣貓主題咖啡館)

Located up in Shilin District, Genki Cat Coffee is exactly what you think it is: a coffee shop filled with cats. The cats at Genki are less-common breeds than you’d usually come across in Taipei, such as Maine Coons and American Curls. Sip your coffee while the cats enjoy lounging and playing across the café’s various elevated spaces such as cat trees and bookcases.

Location: No. 13, Alley 2, Lane 93, Dexing West Road, Shilin District

Pet Halfway House & Cafe (浪浪別哭)

A café also acting as a sort of halfway house for dogs and cats, Pet Halfway House & Cafe (浪浪別哭), near Shandao Temple, is a wonderful concept on Linsen North Road. Stop by for a coffee or a spot of brunch and potentially end up going home with a new pet cat or dog. All animals are up for adoption, but make an appointment in advance as it tends to get busy. (Read more: 4 Rescue Cat Cafés in Taiwan Cat Lovers Can’t Miss!)

Location: No. 13, Lane 9, Linsen North Road, Zhongzheng District

Pawsforest (肉球森林)

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Offering a few animals a bit more exotic than your standard cats and dogs (although there are still plenty of cats), this recently opened venue on Xinsheng South Road has actual toucans and meerkats, as well as a menu offering dishes varying from risotto to waffles. You ever wanted to eat a waffle in the vicinity of a toucan? Now’s your chance.

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Location: No. 22-1, Lane 160, Xinsheng South Road, Zhongzheng District

Cafe Dog and Cats (小貓花園)

Notice how cats is plural and dog is singular? It’s not a typo. This is effectively a cat café with a dog in it – a golden retriever. Across from Zhishan Metro Station, the cats roam the café as they please, but also have a room of their own should human interaction become too tiresome. We can relate, cats, we can relate…

Location: No. 129 Fuhua Road, Shilin District

Mao Thai Thai (貓泰泰)

Out in Linkou you’ll find Mao Thai Thai, which, according to The Neighbor’s Cat (a website that reviews cat cafés), is “Thai-riffic.” Expect a variety of different cats, some with their fur trimmed to resemble that of a lion, as well as a menu of decent local and Southeast Asian-inspired food.

Location: No. 1, Lane 116, Wenhua Third Road, Linkou District, New Taipei City

Spring Day Pet Cafe (小春日和)

A café/pet shop/pet salon, you can bring your own pets to hangout or be groomed at Spring Day. You can order coffees and the like with cute cat and dog art, while they reportedly also have a very good chocolate and banana Frappuccino. A solid option for animal lovers this Pet Day.

Location: No. 361, Yanshou Street, Songshan District

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