Japanese Restaurants in Taipei: 5 of the Best Izakayas You Should Know

In Taipei, there is an abundance of izakayas all over the city. These places fill up in the early evenings when co-workers go for dinner after finishing their jobs. Some are very Japanese, with prints of The Great Wave off Kanagawa on the walls. While others are a bit more formal with tastefully decorated interiors. All of them, though, have delicious snacks that are made and served rapidly for their customers.

Here are five of the best izakayas you should know:  Diakoku, Wan Yakatori, 一生懸命 Izakaya, Chikupa, Okaeri No.2.

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Things Every Drinker Should Know about Taipei’s Bar and Nightlife Scene

Nightlife in Taipei is so busy and bustling that the city is almost livelier after dark than during the day! Here are 6 popular bars in Taipei. Check it out!

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