Recollecting Fragrances of Taiwan at Mao Shiang Tan Fang

Want to know about the fragrances of Taiwan? Here is a story of Taiwan aroma from the Editor’s pick that you would not like to miss it!

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Taiwan or Thailand? A Mostly-Objective Travel Comparison

Answering the following questions:

How are Taiwan and Thailand different? How are they similar? Which place is better for what kinds of travel?

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In Defense of Andrew Zimmern

While Zimmern could have chosen his words (for which he’s apologized publicly) more carefully, taken in the context of the overall conversation it’s clear none of his comments were meant to disparage Chinese cuisine in America, or Chinese-Americans (in or out of the food industry). Zimmern’s respect for culinary culture and the people who work in the food industry is well-documented. As a journalist who has spent most of his adult life living in Taiwan and China and promoting their shared culinary and cultural heritage, I believe the social-media uproar over his comments are quite unjustified, and that his knee-jerk demotion should be overturned.

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Goats and Gas Masks at Taiwan’s Hell Kitchen

Taiwan Scene Editor in Chief accompanies German TV company Maximus to Uncle Sheep Restaurant in Chiayi to watch it’s own make the world’s best goat hot pot!

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Friday the Thirteenth in Taiwan

(4/13/2018) Today is Friday the thirteenth, a date most westerners associate with ill tidings, negative omens and bad luck in general. An entire blood-soaked film franchise is based on Friday the Thirteenth’s nefarious nature, and more than a few folks avoid traveling on the 13th day of any month that happens to fall on a Friday.

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“Baby, it’s cold outside!” Winter in Taiwan

There’s no denying it – the mercury in Taiwan is dropping, especially up north. Even Siri is sympathetic. When I asked “What’s the weather in Taipei?” Siri responded in typical I-phone doggerel:

“Some bad weather coming to Taipei: Down to 9° Celsius today.”

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