Coronavirus Update: Taiwan’s Facemask Rationing Website is Now Available in English

Foreigners who kan bu dong zhongwen (cannot read Chinese) rejoice! Taiwan’s online mask ordering system now has an English-language option. Reported by Taiwan News, the eMask 口罩預購系統 website now has a full English version (available by clicking the ‘English’ option in the top right hand corner), offering exactly the same options as the original Chinese incarnation. (Read more: Former Danish PM Says World Can Learn from Taiwan When Tackling Coronavirus)

The second version of the mask rationing site, the English-language option came to be after foreign residents complained about the original only being available in Chinese. According to Taiwan News, this week “individuals can place pre-orders for surgical masks between 8am March 25 and 8pm March 27.”

Lining up for masks. (Image source: Taiwan Scene)

At the time of writing, foreigners must use their National Health Insurance (NHI) cards in order to secure their masks (ARC is NOT permitted but is later required to register for delivery) and need to use a card reader to enter their details into the facemask rationing system. “Card readers (讀卡機) are quite inexpensive at around NT$200 (US$6.60) and easily purchased at electronics stores and on e-commerce sites in Taiwan.” (Read also: A Snapshot of Daily Life in Taipei During the Coronavirus Outbreak)

A weekly ration of three masks costs NT$22, including NT$7 shipping fee, and can be ordered to a convenience store of your choosing. At the store, you require a valid form of ID to print out a receipt at the kiosk (ibon, for example) which you then hand to the store clerk in exchange for masks you ordered. 

(Cover Photo by De an Sun)