Coronavirus Update: Two New Cases Imported but Local Spread Still Controlled in Taiwan

We’re still happy to report the coronavirus pandemic remains under control in Taiwan. At the time of writing, the country has 451 confirmed cases, with 440 of those having recovered, four of them still ongoing and only seven people having passed away. 

Taiwan’s latest two cases came from a man and a woman returning to the island after working in Oman and the US respectively. Those who were reportedly near the man and woman on their flights are currently subjected to home isolation. Taiwan hasn’t seen a locally transmitted case of the virus for more than 90 days, a credit to the hard work done by the CDC/CECC, as well as Taiwan’s citizens. 

The US still has the most confirmed cases in the world, with a total topping 3.2 million, while India’s recent spike in cases (they’re currently approaching 850,000) has seen Taiwan suspend consular services in the country as a precautionary measure, reported Focus Taiwan.