Coronavirus Update: Where Do We Stand at the End of July?

Today (July 27), Taiwan announced four new imported cases of coronavirus, coming from the US, South Africa (2) and Lesotho respectively.

Also, it was recently announced that people arriving in Taiwan from the Philippines will be required to pass a mandatory test for COVID-19 following more than half of Taiwan’s imported cases in July coming from the region. As reported by Taiwan News, there were three new imported cases originating in the Philippines confirmed in Taiwan on July 24.  

At the time of writing, Taiwan has confirmed 462 cases of the virus, recording just seven deaths and announcing 440 recoveries. In an interesting development, a Thai migrant worker previously based in Taoyuan recently tested positive for coronavirus five days into quarantine back in Thailand. At the time of writing, the CECC have yet to comment on the news but are expected to later today. 

(Image source: Derek Huang)

Taiwan’s stock market reached an all-time high this morning, presumably partly due to its handling of the pandemic, while in a slightly more unwanted record, Taipei recorded its hottest day in history on July 24, according to CNA, with the mercury reaching 39.7 degrees Celsius. There may be no lockdown in Taiwan, but sometimes it’s still not a good idea to go outside… 

(Image source: screen shot from Yahoo Finance.)

Due to the virus being mostly under control in Taiwan, the country is already turning its attention onto how to revitalize its tourism industry, starting by breathing new life into domestic travel. You can read more on the subject here. Taiwan has gone 110 days without a locally spread case, having the last of its 55 local cases confirmed on April 8.