How to Dress for Spring in Taiwan (March, April and May)

Spring: the season in Taipei where you can leave the house without a thick jacket and also without the threat of sweating profusely through your clothes. From March-May, it’s arguably the best time of year to get outdoors for hiking, biking, or genuinely just enjoying not being too hot or too cold. However, as with all of Taiwan’s seasons, it’s important to dress appropriately for the weather. Read our rundown of what’s best to wear during the spring months in Taiwan. (Read more: Dressing for the weather in Taiwan)


The March weather in Taiwan is usually pretty pleasant. Temperatures (in Celsius) range from the late teens to the mid-twenties and the humidity is yet to reach the unbearable levels of summer. In terms of clothing, long-sleeve shirts, light jackets and long pants are fine, and on some days, you should be able to get away with shorts and skirts without feeling too chilly.

March is a great time for a hike and you should be able to get away with shorts and skirts without feeling too chilly. (Image source: MTT)

March is a great time of year for a hike, even if it’s just a leisurely one like Elephant Mountain. Get outside and take advantage of the weather before the prospect of being outdoors becomes too daunting. (Read more: Take a hike: the best hiking trails in Taiwan)


Similar to March, the weather in April is still not too hot, but don’t expect many, if any, days below 20 degrees. At their peak, temperatures may reach the high twenties, so plan outdoor activities and excursions accordingly. You can dress similar to how you would in March, but you can probably ditch your hoodies and jackets during the day time.

Cycling in April with your shorts and T-shirt on will be a pleasant experience. (Image source: MTT)

April is a great month for cycling and probably the last month of the year you can comfortably tackle one of Taiwan’s great cycling routes. So, get a YouBike and hit the road. (Read more: Eight unforgettable Taiwan cycling routes)


Ah, humidity, how we’ve missed you… May is when things start to heat up (average temperatures of high-mid-twenties) and also when the rain starts. Especially towards the end of the month, expect a couple of hours of rain per day with the occasional big storm caused by the humidity. Waterproof clothes or carrying an umbrella are essential when leaving the house at this time of year. Trust us, too many times have we been caught out and had to seek refuge in a coffee shop or convenience store until it stops raining.

It’s always nice to bring an umbrella with you in May when traveling to Taiwan. (Image source: MTT)

In terms of outdoor activities, you can still definitely get out and about in May, but just expect to get a little sweaty! (Read more: River tracing in Taiwan)

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