Running Up 101: The Ultimate Taipei Experience

Editor’s Note: The Taiwan Scene editorial board would like to apologize for our post of April 1, 2018, Taipei 101 to Begin Multi-Nation Tour . That post was obviously false. The editor responsible has been sent for retraining. The following post, however, is absolutely true.

Want to enjoy the spectacular 360 degree view from the observation deck of Taipei 101 without having to wait in line for the elevator?

Have you considered taking the stairs?

Before answering that question, keep in mind that there are 2,046 of them between the ground floor and the observation deck.

Crazy, challenging, and for the out of shape potentially suicidal, but if you’re looking for an Ultimate Taipei Experience, the Annual Taipei 101 Run Up may be your cup of tea. (Read more: Eight Taiwan Sporting Events Serious Athletes Need to Know About)

The History of the Taipei 101 Run Up

Taipei mayor Ko wen-je participated in the opening ceremony
Taipei mayor Ko wen-je participated in the opening ceremony

The run up Taipei 101 belongs to the category of extreme sports known as Tower Running, in which participants race up vertical structures for glory and prize money. While many landmarks have played host to the sport (including Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Chicago’s Hancock Tower and the World Trade Center in New York City), the run up Taipei 101 is considered the most challenging race of its type thanks to the number of stairs (2,046) and the elevation involved (390 meters).

A participating runner arriving the finish line

The first Taipei 101 Run Up was held in 2005, with the first prize on the men’s side going to Australian Paul Crake (10 minutes, 29 seconds) and first prize for women going to Austrian Andrea Mayr (12 minutes, 38 seconds). Since then, participation in the race has expanded, and in it’s 13th year the Taipei 101 Run Up has become a must-do for extreme sports fanatics from around the globe. While thousands have competed since the inaugural race, the two records set that first year have yet to be beat.
Looking to test your endurance?

Getting Involved in the Taipei 101 Run Up

Every participant gets a medal and a certification
Every participant gets a medal and a certification

Organized by the Taipei City Government and the Taipei Financial Center Corporation, sponsored by CTBC BANK and coordinated by CTRRA (the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association, this year’s Taipei 101 Run-up will be held on Saturday, May 5. You’ll need to enter in advance, and being a popular event with limited spaces, the registration window goes from March 30 until April 6 (at 17:00), or until the maximum number of participants have been reached.  Click here for full registration details in English.

Taiwan Scene_MyTaiwanTour blog_running up Taipei 101Though the event is technically billed as a race, only a small fraction of the participants (generally those falling into the Elite category, who’ve both passed the rigorous evaluation process and have a proven track record in Tower Running or other sports demanding the highest level of cardiovascular Fitness) come to compete for prizes. The vast majority of folks doing the climb are in it for a combination of glory and bragging rights, both of which are due in abundance to anyone finishing the climb, whether they do it in twenty minutes or two hours.

Those participating in the run for sheer glory will still need to pass a physical fitness test on the day of the event, with persons suffering from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes or asthma being strongly dissuaded from participation. (Read more: 10 Questions about the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, Taiwan)

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