Spring in Taipei : Calendar of Good Times

Spring is an exciting time in Taipei, a season when the cool, wet weather of winter subsides, and the sun emerges once again to bless the city with a renewed spirit of life and creativity.  Spring is indeed a time for celebrating. What better place for it than a city that seems to exemplify the essence of spring itself? Here are 9 things you should do in Taipei during Spring.

1.2019 Taipei Azalea Festival

Date:March 14 to April 7

In Tokyo, you can see sakura, and in Amsterdam there are tulips,
but in Taipei City, one thing you must put on your calendar is the Taipei Azalea Festival ( 台北杜鵑花季). In the warm March weather, the city will be dotted with azaleas, the official flower of Taipei City, that convey a sense of profound happiness.One of this year’s key events will be held at the Taipei Water Park ( 臺北自來水園區 ) on March 16. In Daan Park ( 大安森林公園 ) there will be a picnic concert on March 23, and 228 Peace Park (228 和平公園 )will also host a concert on April 6. (Read also: Flower Viewing in Taipei: Three Routes Recommended for Couples, Friends, and Families)

Azalea Festival in Taipei

2.2019 CKS Shilin Residence Rose Show

Date:April 12 to April 28

You can see 125 varieties, around 2500 roses from Japan, Germany, France, and England in the exhibition. Strolling amongst the flowers makes you feel like you are in a stately European manor. Come and be surrounded by roses and romance as well! The exhibition takes place at the CKS Shilin Residence Park (士林官邸公園), and entry is free.

CKS Shilin Residence holds the annual Rose Show during Spring

3.Taipei Rose Garden’s 2019 Spring Exhibition

Date:March 20 to April 8

The Taipei Rose Garden creates a flowery landscape with exquisite attention to detail, allowing people to enjoy the glory of roses in all seasons. The 2019 Spring Exhibition will be held at Xinsheng Park area of Taipei Expo Park (花博公園新生園區), where tourists can enjoy thousands upon thousands of roses. This year, the theme is “Alice in Wonderland”, inviting visitors to enter a dreamy rose garden and enjoy a wild adventure with Alice.

Taipei Expo Park is one of the most popular outdoor parks in Taipei

4.2019 Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival

Date:March 29 to April 28

Every April, Zhuzihu ( 竹子湖 ) on Yangmingshan ( 陽明山 ) is adorned with blooming calla lilies. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea of flowers and pick some calla lilies at local farms. A creative market will take place from April 4 to April 7 in front of the Miaobang Garden next to the Calla Lily Boulevard at Yangmingshan. The flowering period will continue until May, even after the official calla lily season, visitors can still go to Yangmingshan to enjoy the flowers. (Read also: Seven Star Mountain, a Hike You Cannot Miss While in Taipei)

Visitors enjoy picking calla lilies at local farms in Yangmingshan

5.2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival

Date: March 30 to May 15

Treasure Hill ( 寶藏巖) is made up of houses that were built during the sixties and seventies, and were constructed against the hillside facing the river, constituting a unique settlement in Taipei City. The theme of 2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival ( 寶藏巖光節) is “A Land of Happiness”, in which scenes and stories of the regular folks that have passed through this neighborhood are reproduced in front of the public through the eyes of the artists. Visitors are in for a fantastic time to experience the magic and wonder of this one-of-a-kind place.

The theme of 2019 Treasure Hill Light Festival ( 寶藏巖光節) is “A Land of Happiness”

6.2019 Baosheng Cultural Festival

Date: April 1 to June 30

Baosheng Cultural Festival ( 保生文化祭) is one of Taiwan’s most representative celebrations. Baosheng Emperor was born on March 15 of the lunar calendar (which is on April 19). This year Baoan Temple ( 大龍峒保安宮 )
will prepare the three offerings ceremony to welcome Baosheng Emperor. The festival starts from March to May (going by the lunar calendar). The two-month long festival is marked by a religious extravaganza that comprises a series of activities. The fire lion is another deeply important ritual of the festival which is the last left alive cultural event over the nation. The annual event is a blast for Taiwanese and visitors alike. (Read also: Baosheng Cultural Festival: A Festive Event Full of History, Religion and Community)

Baosheng Cultural Festival is one of Taiwan’s most representative celebrations

7.2019 Taipei Traditional Market Festival

Date: April 13 to April 14

There are more delicacies hidden in a traditional market than you can imagine! Each year, the festival finds a new theme for people to savor different snacks. The 2019 event will be held at the Corridor Plaza in Taipei Expo Park (花博公園). Vendors from traditional markets all over Taipei City are invited to reserve a booth, presenting the diversity and charm of these unique marketplaces. (Learn more about Taiwanese food: 8 Taiwanese foods that you don’t even know you need to try (yet)!)

The Taipei traditional Market Festival is be held at the Corridor Plaza in Taipei Expo Park

8.2019 Hydrangeas Flower Festival

Date: Mid-May to Mid-June

Every year, from the late-May to the end of June, Yangmingshan is transformed into “the sea of hydrangeas.” Hydrangeas in full bloom are all arranged in layered patterns. The forerunners are white, blue, and pink hydrangeas while the most eye-catching, the fuchsia ones, appear in June.

Yangmingshan is transformed into “the sea of hydrangeas.” from May to June

9.2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

Date: June 7 to June 9

The Taipei Dragon Boat Festival (水岸臺北 2019 端午嘉年華) takes place annually at Dajia Riverside Park (大佳河濱公園), where tourists can enjoy the largest dragon boat competition in Asia. Elite teams all around the world are invited to participate in the race. Furthermore, a variety of peripheral activities, including dragon boat training, dragon boat eye-painting and egg-balancing contest, are available for all to enjoy. (Read also: 12 Ways to Embrace and Enjoy Taiwan’s Summer Heat)

tourists can enjoy the largest dragon boat competition at the Taipei Dragon Boat Festival

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