Sun Moon Lake: A Tea Lover’s Paradise

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s largest body of water located in Nantou county. Its crystal clear blue waters are surrounded by cascading, misty mountains, bamboo, towering pagodas, and lush forests. It gets its name from its unique topography; the east side of the lake looks like a sun, while the west side of the lake looks like a moon. Aside from enjoying Sun Moon Lake’s natural beauty, there are a handful of activities to explore such as bicycling, hiking, riding the elevated gondola, and tea tasting. (Read more: The Taiwan Scene Guide to Taiwanese Tea)

Sun Moon Lake is the largest body water in Taiwan and a famous tourist destination.

The lake’s surrounding soil, elevation and rolling fog provides the ideal environment for growing tea, so it’s no surprise that Sun Moon Lake has garnered international attention for its high quality tea. The region takes its tea very seriously, with a dedicated Tea Research and Extension center that supports scientists and local tea farmers to research, experiment, and  improve tea plantations. Below, we introduce you to this tea paradise while providing recommendations for the best places to learn about and taste Sun Moon Lake’s tea. (You migh also like: Savor the Tea and Enjoy the Pleasant Aroma in the City on a Springtime Day)

Antique Assam Tea Farm

Under colonial rule in 1917, the Japanese introduced the Indian assamica tea variety to Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake and found that it thrived in a climate and altitude very similar to Assam, India. Today, this tea has become known around the world as fine, artisan black tea. 

Antique Assam Tea Farm is the best place in Sun Moon Lake to learn about Taiwan’s tea history. (Image Source: Taiwan Scene)

Antique Assam Tea Farm is a beautiful place to learn about Taiwan’s tea history and to try the island’s famous tea. By booking in advance, one can take a tour of the beautiful warehouse with white, large open doors that create a comfortable breeze with the accompanying large glass windows that remain open as well. Visitors will learn about the tea making process, why the founders believe in organic tea farming, and enjoy a tasty buffet with organic vegetables. Be sure to taste Sun Moon Lake’s famous “Ruby Red” black tea, also known as “Red Jade” or Tea #18.

Visitors can learn about the tea making process and taste a cup of “Ruby Red” at Antique Assam Tea Farm. (Image Source: Taiwan Scene)

Hugo Sum Tea House

Hugo Sum Tea House provides an educational and interactive way to experience Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake. With its own tea farm, tea-inspired dishes, and creative DIY offerings, Hugo Sum allows visitors of all ages and groups of all sizes to truly appreciate Sun Moon Lake’s tea culture. With a proper booking, visitors can learn how to make tea, how to spice tea, how to smell tea, how to judge and taste tea and even how to make tea soap. (Read more: Lakeside Luxury: Sun Moon Lake’s Top Luxury Experiences)

Hugo Sum Tea House has its own tea farm, allowing visitors to learn more about Taiwanese tea from growing tea to making tea. (Image Source: Taiwan Scene)
DIYing tea bags is one of the most popular things you can try at Hugo Sum Tea House. (Image Source: Taiwan Scene)

Sun Moon Lake’s tea culture is both varied and beautiful, with a dedicated community of tea connoisseurs eager to provide a deep and meaningful experience for visitors from all places. Book these unique experiences today