The Best Chocolate Shops in Taiwan

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and you’ve no idea what to get for your special someone. Sure, they told you not to go all out or too over the top, but you know they’re expecting something. Flowers feel a little cliché, while you think a fancy dinner is a little unnecessary. How about chocolates? You can’t go wrong with chocolates, right? Here’s a round up of the best places to get hold of the perfect box of chocolates for your significant other (or just as a treat for yourself) not just this February 14, but all year round. (Read more: Sushi Express: A meditation on love and dating in Taiwan)

Fu Wan Chocolate

Founded by Warren Hsu, the first chocolate taster in Taiwan to be certified by International Chocolate Tasting Institute (IICCT), London, Fu Wan Chocolate is world renowned for its “Oriental Cacao.” Available online and also at their physical stores in both Pingtung and Taipei 101, their products include special gift boxes, syrups, cocoa powder, chocolate covered oranges and more.

Fu Wan Chocolate is world renowned for its “Oriental Cacao.” (Image source: Taiwan Scene)

Feeling 18℃ Hand Made Chocolate

Named after the perfect temperature for producing and preserving chocolate, Feeling 18℃’s original brick-and-mortar store opened in Puli back in 2007 following its inception as an online business a year previous. Products include, chocolates, teas and gelatos, while the brand also operates its own bakery, Baumkuchen 18.

Yu Chocolatier

Yu Hsuan Cheng trained at L’ecole Ferrandi Paris in the arts of French pastry, before interning at 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Pavillon Ledoyen and chocolaterie Jacques Génin. Yu Chocolatier, located in Taipei’s Da’an district, offers a range of chocolates and pastries, as well as a selection of sprits designed to complement their products. (You might also like: Pursue Your Happiness: How You Can Pay Respects to Yue Lao, the God of Marriage and Love)

Chuang Chocolate

Another internationally renowned brand, Chuang Chocolate’s sole focus is to make each chocolate “the best ever.” Available online and in store in Linkou, New Taipei City, as well as at various 7-Elevens, their products include chocolate boxes, drinks and pastries.

Is Taiwan Is Chocolate

Selling handmade chocolates, cakes, French desserts and more, Is Taiwan Is Chocolate is available online and from their physical store in Songshan district, Taipei. They are also available for classes, events and weddings.

Le Ruban Chocolat

Located in Da’an district in Taipei, Le Ruban Chocolat sells boxes of handmade chocolates, pastries and all kinds of chocolatey and sweet treats. Check out their Instagram for a taste (no pun intended) of what they have to offer.


Found in Da’an district, next to popular spot The Diner, COCOMAKER offers a range of chocolate products ranging from standard favorites to more left-field creations such as a cheese flavor one offering a “taste of Papua New Guinea” that we think you’ll be curious to try.

(Image source: COCOMAKER)

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