The Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Taiwan

While cherry blossom season in Asia is more closely associated with Japan and crowds of people flocking to see beautiful flowers in places such as Kyoto, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out you can also be tickled pink in Taiwan. From mid-March to early April (although in some parts of the country the flowers bloom much earlier), trees in many parks, forests and recreation areas across the country turn pink, attracting masses of tourists in the process. Here are the best places in Taiwan to get your blossom fix.

Yangmingshan (陽明山) – Taipei

A national park best known for hiking trails and hot spring baths, Yangmingshan is also one of the best places in Taiwan to see some cherry blossoms. Blooming especially early here, with some trees turning pink as early as January, lots of the cherry blossom trees can be found along the park’s hiking paths, making your hike an even more memorable experience. (Read more: The ultimate hiking guide to Yangmingshan National Park)

Neihu (內湖) – Taipei

Lohas Park in Taipei’s Neihu district hosts the Lohas Cherry Blossom Festival each year, as a 3km stretch along the park’s Neigou Stream boasting nine varieties of cherry blossom trees turns pink. At night, the park turns magical as the trees are illuminated by lights. The festival usually runs between mid-February and early March, with last year’s event including a flower market and an outdoor screening of Aladin. (Get around in Neihu: Taipei’s Organic Agriculture Mountain Tourist – Farm Experience in the Baishihu Area)

Mingchi National Forest Recreation Area (明池森林遊樂區) – Yilan

In Yilan county, this is a less popular place to seek out blossoms but definitely one worth visiting. A large cypress forest, the blooming flowers add an extra touch of beauty to the area, while it is highly recommended you hike up to Mingchi Lake to see the much rarer white cherry blossoms. (Go deeper in Yilan: Hiking in Taiwan: Forest Trails, Hot Springs, and Riding the Rails in Taipingshan)

Lala Mountain (拉拉山)- Taoyuan

In Taoyuan, Loving Farm (恩愛農場) up Taoyuan’s Lala Mountain is a stunning place to see blossoms. A fruit farm, here you will find the blossoms of Fuji Cherry Trees which are actually a hybrid of the Japanese variety and only grow here in Taiwan. One of the most Instagrammable spots on the island, expect crowds when you visit. 

Wuling Farm (武陵農場)- Taichung

Wuling Farm in Taichung turns pink in February and is so popular with visitors that it hosts its own cherry blossom viewing festival (be sure to check dates to find out about charges). Up in the mountains, it can be tough to access the farm and is best to drive yourself or to join a specialist blossom viewing tour. (See also: Snow Mountain – A Winter Hike on One of Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Mountains)

Alishan (阿里山) – Chayi

Beautiful enough in its own right, Alishan takes it up a notch when the blossoms are out. The Nantou national park sees blossoms blooming between January and March with the area being home to several varieties of blossom trees. Find a teahouse to sit outside amongst the trees or ride the forest railway to get a truly spectacular blossom viewing experience. (Explore more: A Guide to Hiking in Alishan)

Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area (奧萬大森林遊樂區)- Nantou

The blossoms in this Nantou forest recreation area are out early, usually blooming in January. Blossom season here usually lasts around two months and coincides with the best time of year to see the leaves of the bald pine trees and the redwoods turning from yellow to red. (If you are visiting Nantou: Lakeside Luxury: Sun Moon Lake’s Top Luxury Experiences)

Wutai (霧台)- Pingtung

Wutai township in Pingtung is one of the top scenic spots in Taiwan’s south to view blossoms. Cherry blossom season here usually starts in late January, with a 10km stretch along Taiwan’s highway route 24 turning a delightful pink. A popular spot to visit during Spring Festival, other attractions of note here include Shenshan Waterfall and Wutai Presbyterian Church. (Deep in the south: Hiking in Taiwan: A Seashore Trek along the Alangyi Historic Trail)

(Cover photo/Angela Lo)

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