Travel Deeper to Songluo Lake: A Night of Lakeside Camping

Where is Songluo Lake (松蘿湖)?

Songluo Lake is located on the outskirts of Yilan City. Surrounded by mountains, it is seemingly always shrouded in mist, giving the area an air of mystery. Known for its many faces due to its forever changing trails, this “magician” has many different tricks in store for visitors, and you can experience the magic for yourself. (You might also like: Take a hike: the best hiking trails in Taiwan)

Hiking to Songluo Lake allows you to really experience its magic. (Image source: Essence Travel本質旅遊)

Day 1: Hiking/Camping at Songluo Lake

On the first day, we depart from Taipei arriving at the trail entrance of Songluo Lake about two hours later. Songluo Lake is famous for its muddy mountain road. Many experienced hikers would recommend tackling the trail in rain boots, but regular hiking boots will also suffice.

On sunny days, hiking to Songluo lake is a pleasant trip. (Image source: Essence Travel本質旅遊)
The muddy and slippery trails in the way are pretty challenging to hiking beginners. (Image source: Essence Travel本質旅遊)

It takes about three to four hours to reach the campsite, factoring in rest stops and a pause for a picnic lunch. After arrival, it’s time to put up the tents, set up the campfire and cook dinner. Without the glare of city lights or the sounds of metropolitan life, Songluo Lake is extremely quiet after nightfall – the perfect place to drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. (Read also: Hiking through Taiwan’s great outdoors: A Long Walk On the Old DanLan Trail)

Campsite at Songluo Lake is right in front of the lake, which allows you the enjoy the amazing view at the best spot. (Image source: Essence Travel本質旅遊)

Itinerary (Day 1)
0700 Meet at Banqiao Train Station
0730 Depart for Yilan
0930 Arrive at trail entrance and head to Songluo Lake
1030 Rest stop
1100 Lunch
1345 Arrive at Songluo Lake
1400 Setup camp
1500 Prepare dinner
1630 Dinner

Day 2: Sunrise at the Lake

At 5am, Songluo Lake is still sound asleep. This is the perfect time to wake up and see the sunrise. A dawn so bright, it is as if it is breathing life into your surroundings, and you’ll use this time to prepare breakfast as the world around you seemingly springs to life. Hike back to the trail entrance and then head over to Yilan for a dinner to celebrate the end of your trip, before returning to Taipei with memories of the lake and the sunrise fresh in your mind. (You might also like: First Dawn Flight, Tribal Rites and Beautiful Taitung: A Unique Way to Spend New Years in Taiwan)

Enjoy the sunlight by the lake. (Image source: Essence Travel本質旅遊)

Itinerary (Day 2)
0600 Watch the sunrise
0630 Breakfast
0730 Prepare to leave
0900 Hike back to trail entrance
1200 Depart for Yilan
1300 Arrive in Yilan. Celebration dinner
1430 Back to Taipei

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