Travel Insider: Director of Marketing, Lizzie Lin

One of the most important things that MyTaiwanTour does is marketing Taiwan. Sometimes we describe this job as “selling Taiwan to the world”. And in our company, Lizzie, the director of marketing, is playing an important role in this mission.

In addition to leading the marketing department, Lizzie, based in Tokyo, is also the head of the Japanese department. Business development, channel development and advertising – Lizzie is responsible for everything related to the Japanese market. What drives her to take on so many responsibilities is her love of her homeland. She said that Taiwan is, of course, a nice place to visit, but there are no unified tourism features or a proper long-term strategy to promote the country, which often results in many tourism experiences not only lasting for a short period of time but also lacking cultural characteristics. “When everyone is pursuing an absolute bargain, instead of quantity, do we dare to provide high quality services?”

Lizzie says that Taiwan has the potential to become a high-quality experience for travelers and so do many other people in Taiwan. She hopes that MyTaiwanTour will be able to use its experience of hosting inbound travelers to become a local tourism consultant that creates a positive cycle of sustainable travel across Taiwan.

How to market Taiwan internationally, especially to the European and American markets, presents cultural differences as the biggest challenge. How to interpret and market Taiwan to Westerners is not easy. Even if you want to promote in-depth cultural tourism, you need to take into account that people from the East and the West come from completely different cultural backgrounds. Even if it’s just talking about something very simple, such as mountains, the sea, food, etc, it takes effort to reshape the concept in order to communicate better with a Western audience. 

And the way in which MyTaiwanTour works hard to eliminate cultural barriers and strengthen communications with foreign tourists is to recruit foreigners to join the marketing team. With a genuine foreign perspective, MyTaiwanTour can have a better understanding of how to market Taiwan to the West. Establishing Taiwan’s English-language content and communicating what Taiwan has to offer in a way that foreigners can understand and relate to is Lizzie’s role when it comes to marketing and a big help towards her goal of successfully “selling Taiwan.”

Lizzie joined MyTaiwanTour to help her realize her vision. She loves Taiwan and always hopes to do something good for her country. Lizzie can relate to what MyTaiwanTour is trying to achieve and this makes her believe that she can open up Taiwan to the world.