WISH Sustainable Sky Lantern Festival will be returning in 2020

Back in October, MyTaiwanTour held WISH: Taiwan’s first-ever sustainable sky lantern festival using eco-friendly, completely combustible sky lanterns. After a successful event in Pingxi that saw more than 300 people in attendance, they’ve announced that WISH will be returning next year, hopefully bigger and better than before. (Read also: Taiwan’s first eco-friendly lantern festival)

2019 WISH Sustainable Sky Lantern Festival was featuring a farm-to-table dinner in Pingxi. (Image source: MyTaiwanTour)

The lanterns, designed by Taiwanese company Bank of Culture, produce considerably less waste that traditional sky lanterns, burning up in the sky without any physical trace. While obviously being better for the local environment and the planet as a whole, the use of these eco sky lanterns was not without its controversies. Some locals saw the use of the new lanterns over the traditional ones as disrespect to the local area and the knowledge of the local vendors who’ve been making, selling and releasing the old-style lanterns for many years. Furthermore, many elders make money from collecting the waste deposited by the traditional lanterns, so they felt the use of the eco-friendly version may impact them financially in the long run. (Read also: 8 questions with the creator of Taiwan’s first-ever eco-friendly sky lantern)

A sustainable sky lantern  can burn out in the sky when it reaches a certain altitude. (Image Source: Taiwan Scene)

Despite many Pingxi locals initially not wanting to be involved in the event, some young people concerned with sustainability and the future of the environment agreed to join and help with the lantern lighting and releasing. WISH also showcased many Taiwanese vendors, selling food, drinks and more, as well as providing a platform for local musicians to perform. After seeing the success of the event and the appeal of the eco-friendly sky lanterns, one local vendor started selling them at their store. Here’s hoping that many more follow suit!

After 2019 WISH Sustainable Sky Lantern Festival, a local vendor started selling them at their store sustainable sky lantern! (Image Source: Bank of Culture)

Considering being part of the next WISH? Watch our video from this year’s event and get inspired to wish upon a lantern with us in 2020. See you next year!