5 Fantastic Things to Do around Fulong Beach

The second instalment of our ‘5 Fantastic Things to Do’ series takes you to New Taipei City and well-known weekend getaway spot Fulong Beach. Located in Fulong Village in New Taipei’s Gongliao District, the beach is a short walk from Fulong Station, which you can get to in an hour or so from Taipei Main Station. Especially popular during the summer months, Fulong Beach and the surrounding area are great places for a last-minute daytrip or a lazy, relaxing weekend away. Here are five things you can do at the beach and beyond. (Read more: 5 Fantastic Things to Do in Beitou)

Hit the Beach

A bit of an obvious one, but it’s not a trip to Fulong without at least setting foot on the beach. Golden sands and clear waters, Fulong Beach is divided by the Shuang River into two main sections. There’s the tourist beach, which has an entry cost of NT$100, accessible by the Rainbow Bridge near the eye-catching Fullon Hotel, and then another popular stretch of beach that’s free to the public near Dongxing Temple and Fulong Seaside Park. At the tourist beach, you can rent parasols and inflatables and various other pieces of beach equipment, while you can also marvel at the many sand sculptures that are built there as part of several annual local art festivals. (You might also like: Swim Good: A Guide to Taiwanese Swimming Etiquette)

Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival is held every year during summer in Taiwan. (Image source: chia ying Yang)

Eat a Lunchbox

Fulong is known for its fantastic biandang (便當, lunchbox). They’re perfect for grabbing and taking down to the beach or filling your stomach after your train ride from Taipei. The original Fulong biandang spot is located conveniently right by Fulong Station just to the left of the main entrance/exit. We particularly enjoyed the chicken leg on our last visit. (Read also: An insider’s guide to Taipei: Afternoon Tea in 5 Unlikely Places)

Fill your stomach with a Fulong lunchbox! (Image source: Kenming Wang)

Hire a Bike and Cycle to Yilan

Not as far as it sounds, we promise! Hire a bike from one of the rental shops near Fulong Station (a day’s hire is around NT$100 for a bicycle) and cycle down to the Old Caoling Railway Tunnel. A ride through the tunnel lasts around ten minutes and once you reach the other side you’ll emerge on the east coast right by the Pacific Ocean with a wonderful view of Turtle Island (龜山島). If you consider yourself a bit of a cyclist and want to get those legs pumping, you can continue cycling along the coast in a loop route that will take you back to Fulong Station. Ask an employee at the bike shop, the station, or your accommodation for a map of the full route. (Read more: Cycling in Taiwan: An Embarrassment of Riches)

⬆︎⬇︎ The biking trial in Old Caoling Railway Tunnel leads you to the border of New Taipei City and Yilan

Head to The Scubar

A short stroll from easy-to-locate landmark Dongxing Temple is Scubar, a water sports rental shop/restaurant and bar with a great laidback surfer vibe. Rent some scuba equipment and explore the ocean or just stay for a beer after a day of sunning yourself on the beach. Scubar is also known for its quality ice cream, a perfect treat for a balmy summer’s afternoon. Don’t sleep on the burgers or quesadillas either, we were pleasantly surprised. If you need another food option, definitely also check out WOW CAFÉ(海派廚房), home to great fries and possibly one of the best iced lattes in Taiwan. (You might also like: 12 Ways to Embrace and Enjoy Taiwan’s Summer Heat)

Stay the Night

Forget about that last train home and stay the night. There are many affordable Airbnb and accommodation options nearby, but if you’re feeling lavish, book into the Fullon Hotel Fulong. It’s right on the beach, has a wonderful spa, plus excellent food options if a biandang doesn’t quite cut it for you. We’d also highly recommend spending a night at The Easy Space – a gorgeous bed and breakfast boasting plush rooms with a spectacular sea view and chance to see the sunrise. They offer a free shuttle service to and from Fulong Station, as well free-to-hire snorkeling equipment and more. 

⬆︎Spend a night in Fulong and enjoy the sunrise at The Easy Space.

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