A Head Chef’s Homestyle Take on Taiwanese Cuisine


You might know Taipei for its distinguishing food culture. When it comes to Taiwanese food, xiaolongbao, beef noodles and stinky tofu may immediately spring to mind. But what about the ingredients and other creative dishes that really make Taiwanese cuisine shine under the international spotlight? Last year, out of the 24 restaurants in Taipei that were starred by the Michelin Guild, at least half of them are proudly known for their innovative style. Restaurants like Impromptu by Paul Lee and Shoun RyuGin use local ingredients, curating a traditional menu with unique recipes and serving Taiwanese food in their own special ways. It almost goes without saying that a new and trendy food culture in Taipei is ready to bloom. (Read more: Three Alternative Ways to Experience Food in Taipei)

As spring is right around the corner, I’ve designed three alternative recipes for Taiwanese dishes featuring three traditional spring ingredients — sweet potato, spinach and asparagus. These ingredients are commonly seen in Taiwanese cooking and can be utilized in numerous ways to make amazing dishes. I have also converted what would normally be a complicated restaurant menu into something anyone can easily make at home. Finally, I hope that with a few unique twists, such as adding very common ingredients like Asian basil and shallots, will make the flavor of the dishes “truly Taiwanese!” Here we go. 

▲Here are the culinary secrets of making Taiwan’s most treasured dishes that feature spring ingredients.

About the Author

Wayne is the head chef and instructor at Make My Day Cooking Lab. He started learning to cook when he lived in Melbourne as an overseas student and established the cooking studio after coming back to Taipei in 2015. Wayne’s main expertise is fusion cuisines featuring Italian food and Taiwanese homestyle dishes. To Wayne, the vision of his cooking career is to “exchange culture” by sharing Taiwanese food with visitors from all over the world. (You might also like: Taipei Foodie Tour)

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