Are You Ready for 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride?

Taiwan LGBT Pride is back again this October and this year it will be celebrating its 18th birthday. A statement on the event’s official website reads: “What comes to your mind when you think of reaching the age of 18? For many, the age of 18 has a unique meaning. Two years ago, we urged everyone above 18 years of age to ‘vote for equality.’ This year, Taiwan LGBT Pride has turned 18!” (Read more: Two Routes Announced for 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade)

The second Pride celebration on the island since the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2019, the theme of this year’s event is “Beauty, My Own Way,” celebrating the LGBTIQA+ community’s visibility, vivacity, beauty, and collective transformation. “The 18th Taiwan LGBT Pride invites everyone to march on the street and to accomplish all kinds of beauty in our life. Last year, Taiwan LGBT Pride adopted the theme of ‘Together, Make Taiwan Better,’ hoping the public would realize that LGBTIQA+ individuals are right among us. Our goal this year is for the LGBTIQA+ community to not only be seen but also truly understood and respected. Only then, would living in this world as a person be beautiful. Only then, would everyone live as their most beautiful self.” (Read more: Taipei is a Haven For Same-Sex Couples, But What about Trans Visibility?)

There are many events happening across the country this year, with the biggest of course being the Pride parade in Taipei. On the evening of Friday October 30, there will be a parade celebrating Taiwan’s transgender community before the main event on the afternoon of Saturday 31. You can find more information on this year’s events schedule at our top picks here for 2020.

A new rainbow is painted out the front of Taipei City Hall. (Image source: Taiwan Scene)

In honor of this year’s Pride, a rainbow has been painted out the front of Taipei City Hall, where you can also get a shot of Taipei 101 in the background. This comes after the immense popularity of Ximending’s wonderful rainbow crosswalk. Watch this space for more information on 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride, which will hopefully continue the tradition of celebrations getting bigger and better each year. (You might also like: Taipei is a Haven For Same-Sex Couples, But What about Trans Visibility?)

With Taipei 101 as the background, the new rainbow will also be the starting point of 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride. (Image source: Taiwan Scene)

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