Two Routes Announced for 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade

The route for this year’s Taiwan LGBT Pride parade on October 31 has been announced with two routes, celebrating the event’s 18th year. Both routes start at the new rainbow flag painted outside Taipei City Hall and from there participants will head down Renai Road before marching either north onto Dunhua South Road or south onto Guangfu South Road, eventually circling back to the starting point at City Hall. (Read more: Taiwan LGBT Pride Events: Our Top Picks for 2020)

There will be two routes in 2020’s Taiwan LGBT Pride parade. (Image source: 2020 Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade)

Northern Route

City Hall (臺北市政府廣場) → Renai Road (仁愛路) → Dunhua South Road (敦化南路) → Zhongxiao East Road (忠孝東路) → Yixian Road (逸仙路) → City Hall (臺北市政府廣場)

Southern Route

City Hall (臺北市政府廣場) → Renai Road (仁愛路) → Guangfu South Road (光復南路) → Xinyi Road (信義路)→ Dunhua South Road (敦化南路) → Renai Road (仁愛路) → City Hall (臺北市政府廣場)

There will also be various floats from different brands and organizations taking part in the parade, including Red Bull, Greenpeace, Tinder, foodpanda, and GAP. The routes are also color coordinated, with purple, orange and red taking the northern route, and blue, yellow and green going south. Each color represents part of the Pride flag. (Read more: Here’s the tea on Taipei’s sickening drag scene)

For more information on the parade, you can visit the official site (in Chinese) here.

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(cover photo: Jasmin Sessler)