How to Have the Perfect Picnic in Taipei

Springtime in Taipei is the perfect time of year for a picnic. All you need is some good weather, some good food and some good company (although there’s also nothing wrong with flying solo). Not sure where to start? Here’s Taiwan Scene’s guide to how to have the perfect picnic in Taipei, from where to go to what to bring. (Read more: How to dress for Spring in Taiwan)

Where to have a picnic in Taipei

Blessed with many parks and scenic outdoor areas, Taipei is an ideal place for a springtime picnic. One must-go spot is Da’an Forest Park (Sect. 1, Da’an Rd., Da’an). A stone’s throw away from popular tourist destination Yongkang Street where you can stock up on all kinds of tasty treats, Da’an Forest Park located by the MRT station on the Red Line of the same name, has wide expanses of grass and plenty of trees for shade, which makes it a perfect spot to unroll your picnic blanket and enjoy some time outdoors. 

▲ Da’an Forest Park

Taipei Expo Park (No. 105, Sect. 3, Xinsheng North Rd., Zhongshan) is another great picnic spot. Built originally for a flora exhibition, there is plenty of lawn space for picnics and games. On weekends, the parks is also home to various market stalls which you can peruse at your leisure.

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▲ Taipei Expo Park

Dajia Riverside Park in Zhongzheng district (take a bus to Dajia Elementary School or Dajia Riverside Park) is home to expanses of green space and also bicycle paths down by the river, making it an idyllic picnic location on a nice spring day. 

▲ Dajia Riverside Park

The Grand Green (No. 27, Linsen North Rd., Zhongshan), found near Huashan 1914 Creative Park is a popular spot with tourists and also lends itself to be a more than adequate spot for an afternoon picnic, while if you want to go all out, head to Yangmingshan National Park, specifically the Qingtianggang grassland (No. 246, Ln. 101, Jingshan Rd., Shilin) and lay your blanket down in the grass and watch the cattle graze around you while you eat. If you go in early spring, you may also be able to see some of the cherry blossom trees around the Yangmingshan area, resplendent in pink, making for beautiful photographs. (Read more: Seven Star Mountain, a hike you cannot miss while in Taipei)

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▲ Qingtianggang grassland in Yangmingshan National Park

What to eat and drink at a picnic in Taipei?

We all know the usual picnic staples are sandwiches, cakes, fruit etc., but since you’re in Taiwan, you should put a local spin on it. We’re talking xiansuji (Taiwanese fried chicken, 鹹酥雞), Guabao (Taiwanese Burger, 刈包) and bubble tea (珍珠奶茶). Most restaurants in Taipei allow you to takeaway so get a portion of your favorite local staple and take it down to the park and enjoy with the spring weather. (Read more: 10 foods you need to try in Taipei

What to pack for a Taipei picnic?

Obviously, you need the basics: a picnic blanket and a hamper/basket are a must. But, also remember, you’re in Taipei, so you’re gonna need sunscreen and bug spray or your afternoon’s going to be pretty uncomfortable. Also, and we can’t stress this enough, please bring a trash bag or some means of disposing your leftovers and packaging. If you’re going to enjoy one of Taipei’s wonderful parks or outdoor spots, the least you can do is respect the environment and pick up after yourself when you leave. 

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