The Best Burgers in Taipei Revealed

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The hamburger is an American (or maybe German) classic. It is easy to find a good burger in the United States, but when you travel or live outside of the 50 states, you come across plenty of sad attempts at recreating such a simple masterpiece. You might be looking to scratch that itch that these fake burgers leave behind, so we made it our job to find the best American style burgers that Taipei has to offer.

Oldies Burger – Winner of the 2020 One More Drink most beautiful burger award. (Image source: OneMoreDrink)

Our in-house American went to 22 of the top burger spots suggested from longtime Taipei residents. He was more happy to oblige, for science. Luckily for you, we actually found quite a few that taste like they came straight from an American burger joint.

We have three categories that these burgers were ranked on. They are Best Burger, Best Burger and Fries, and Dollar for Dollar Best Burger Combo. The Best Burger focuses on only the burger, regardless of price or quality of the side dish. The Best Burger and Fries includes the quality of the side dish into the equation. Finally, the Dollar for Dollar Best Burger Combo is for those that want a great burger, but don’t necessarily want to drop 600NTD.

Before you get angry, please go check out this post to understand how these burgers were ranked. Each burger will have an individual write up after this is posted, so you can dive deeper into how our experience was. (Read more: 7 Taipei Eateries Beloved by Homesick Western Expats)

So let’s begin.

Best Burger in Taipei –
Taihu’s Chuoyinshi Da’an

Score: 4.65 out of 5.00

Taihu is a brand commonly known for its craft beer popular amongst the more affluent drinkers in Taipei, but their burger is the best in city. The bun withstood the battle against the juices. The beef was supple, yet crispy from an assumed smashing. The toppings were some of the freshest of all the burgers, and the bacon that was added was delicious. It came with some amazing pickles, and it was the only place that served up some shoestring style fries. There aren’t many ways to customize this burger, but there is no need to. It is nearly perfect the way it comes. (Read also: Finding Local Flavor at Taipei’s Beer Cafes)

(Image source: OneMoreDrink)
Runners Up

Best Burger and Fries in Taipei –
Burger & Co.

Score: 4.65 out of 5.00

Burger & Co. is a small little burger spot within sight of the Taipei 101. Most people we talked to had never heard of it, and that is a real shame because their burger and fries combo is the best in Taipei. The burger has a great bun, incredible beef, and they use a special sauce that adds to the burger experience. The burger may have been narrowly defeated by Taihu, but their fries are easily the best in Taipei, hands down. They use imported Idaho potatoes, and create the fries in-house. We don’t know how they do it, but they somehow channel the iconic and superior curly fry taste into Belgian style fries. (You might also like: An insider’s guide to Taipei: Afternoon Tea in 5 Unlikely Places)

(Image source: OneMoreDrink)
Runners Up

Best Burger Combo for Money –
Wagyu Burger

Value: 1.87 per 100NTD

When it comes to value, the dollar for dollar best burger, fries, and drink combo has to be Wagyu Burger. You get incredible quality for what you pay at Wagyu Burger. You get a 100% wagyu beef burger when you order, something that’s completely unnecessary but also completely necessary. The original is topped with a simple combo of cream cheese, tomato slice, and lettuce all on a great bun. Each bite of the burger simply melts in your mouth, and before you know it you’ve eaten the whole thing.You can also order a wasabi or sichuan style burger, something we plan to do soon. (You might also like: Things Every Drinker Should Know about Taipei’s Bar and Nightlife Scene)

(Image source: OneMoreDrink)
Runners Up

The DREAM Taipei Burger

Bun: Awesome Burger
Beef: Everywhere Burger Club
Toppings: Sheep+Pony
Fries: Burger & Co.

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