The Best Sports Bars in Taipei

With many of the world’s top sporting competitions taking place in different time zones, it can often be difficult to keep up with all the action. Luckily, there are several bars across Taipei dedicated to screening the likes of the NBA and the Premier League, as well as Taiwanese baseball, where you can meet up with other fans and cheer on your team. Here is a roundup of some of the most popular ones. (See more: Bars in Taipei: Secret Promised Land of the City)


American restaurant/bar chain Hooters, known for its chicken wings, beer pitchers and most famously its scantily clad female waitstaff, has two locations in Taipei. One in Xinyi near Taipei 101 and another between Taipei Arena and Nanjing Fuxing, at Hooters you can watch live sports on multiple screens while feasting on everything from sandwiches to burgers to steaks. The staff regularly put on shows, including hula hooping, while the restaurant is also surprisingly family friendly and it not being too uncommon to see people dining with their children or even couples on dates. (Read also: Four Fantastic Family Restaurants in Taipei)

Brass Monkey

A very popular spot for watching sports, Brass Monkey regularly shows live boxing, F1, football and more. Open since 2003, the bar is possibly best known for its “legendary” ladies’ night, but also hosts various events such as a salsa night, pub quizzes and language exchanges. Monday is pasta night, while Wednesdays are for steak and Stella, and Thursday’s pizza. A decent option if you want to watch some sports in a proper Western-style sports bar environment. (You may also like: A Tale of Cocktails: Five of Taipei’s Freshest Bars)

On Tap

Dubbing itself “Taipei’s only real pub,” On Tap stays open late so patrons can catch events such as the Six Nations Rugby, UFC, and live Test cricket. There are drinks/food deals every night of the week, even including a lads’ night on Wednesdays (discount beer) and a very popular Mexican food deal on Sunday nights. The bar has multiple screens and will stream the game you want to watch on request, so if there’s a game on that you want to see, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to watch it at On Tap. (Read more: 7 Taipei Eateries Beloved by Homesick Western Expats)

Charlie’s Sports Bar

A popular spot to watch baseball, and with happy hours every night Tuesday to Thursday, Charlie’s is another sports bar worth checking out. Also regularly showing Premier League football, the bar serves a range of beers, wines and spirits and also notably has an extensive selection of cocktails. You can even pop champagne if your team wins the league. 

The long bar at Charlie’s Sports Bar enables sport fans to get their drinks easily when watching games. (Photo/Charlie’s Sports Bar)

89 LOOP Sports Bar

At 89 LOOP you can play darts and games like beer pong as well as enjoy live sporting action on the big screen. The bar serves a wide range of tasty and interesting cocktails, including a few luminescent options which will look great on your Instagram, while there are also classic bar foods available such as popcorn, pizza and fries. 

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Cover photo/Eric Tompkins