Travel Insider: Tour Guide Kelly Lin

Recognizable for her short hair, Kelly joined MyTaiwanTour more than five years ago. She blends in depth knowledge of Taiwan with humor, making her an ideal tour guide to introduce Taiwan to visitors. However, being a tour guide is not just about introducing Taiwan to the world, it’s about introducing the world to Taiwan.

Seemingly born to be a tour guide, Kelly really enjoys her work. Believing that travellers come to Taiwan to listen to the experiences of the locals and to understand their daily lives. As a result, she doesn’t hesitate to share everything she knows. “A guide’s job is to help create memorable moments for people on vacation, but it’s also important for them to convey knowledge about Taiwan.” 

Kelly hopes that her guests will come back to Taiwan or at the very least continue to follow what is happening here after their visit to the country. It’s her vision that every traveller’s journey to Taiwan is just the start of their interest in the nation.

There was once a group of American guests whose grandmother was born in Changhua in southern Taiwan. She had moved to the United States when she was young and it was her first time back in Taiwan since she’d first left. Kelly and MyTaiwanTour helped her find her old school and even the house she lived in as a child. Two years later, the entire family returned to Taiwan to track down the lady’s grandfather’s and grandmother’s graves – they asked Kelly to accompany them on the trip. 

This experience made Kelly realize that the job of the tour guide is not to just introduce the attractions of Taiwan, but also be a point of first-hand information to foreigners when it comes to knowing and finding out things about Taiwan. To some extent, a Taiwanese tour guide represents Taiwan as a whole.

“The more countries I visited, the more I realized that Taiwan is a country with an abundance of travel resources,” Kelly says. She truly loves her country and hopes that every visitor to Taiwan will return home with a good impression of the place. Kelly believes everyone who lives in Taiwan can successfully promote the country as a travel destination, and that’s one thing that MyTaiwanTour is dedicated to doing.