Welcome the New Year at the Chic and Trendy Hotels in Taipei

WORDS BY Cai Minzi


PHOTOS BY Zhang Weiming, Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taipei Marriott Hotel, Suz & Catorze Hotel

As the year’s end approaches, the streets of Taipei are filled with a bustling and festive atmosphere. Many travelers visit Taipei to say goodbye to the old year and ring in the new. Whether they are taking in the nighttime view, shopping, or going to the bar for a drink, indulging in Taipei’s abundant nightlife and celebrating New Year’s Eve are must-dos. In this season, we feature three hotels. Each has its own unique charm when it comes to nightlife options, introducing travelers to different New Year’s Eve experiences in Taipei. (Read more: Eight Amazing Ways to Celebrate New Years in Taiwan)

The Xinyi District has a number of department stores serving up the unique urban style of Taipei. (Photo / Zhang Weiming)



The Grand Hyatt Taipei (台北君悅酒店) is well-regarded as one of Taipei’s premier five-star hotels. Since its grand opening in 1990, the Grand Hyatt has witnessed the Xinyi district move from practically barren to positively prosperous. Even though new hotels are springing up in Taipei, it is its long history and up-close view of the annual Taipei 101 fireworks show from the rooms that have always won western travelers’ hearts.

Located near Taipei 101, the Grand Hyatt Taipei’s rooms offer a great spot to enjoy the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. (Photo / Grand Hyatt Taipei)

For those who want to stay in the hotel for the night, Italian restaurant ZIGA ZAGA and Cheers Lounge are the top choices for eats and entertainment. Lee Weitai (李偉台), Grand Hyatt’s top PR professional, says that ZIGA ZAGA offers live music performances at night, whereas Cheers is a great place to relax, chat and have a drink or two. And the Residence (凱寓廳), located on the 2nd floor, with the best view of the New Year’s Eve fireworks, will host a lively and dazzling “New Year’s Eve Fireworks Party” at 10pm on December 31. In addition to a wide range of delicacies and fine wines, a variety of exciting music and interactive performances, tarot readings and other entertaining programs will be presented to unveil the new chapter for 2020!

With beautiful lighting and a warm atmosphere, ZIGA ZAGA offers a casual chic setting for drinks with friends. (Photo / Grand Hyatt Taipei)

In addition, there are many department stores around the Grand Hyatt, including Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越), Bellavita (寶麗廣場), and Breeze Plaza (微風廣場), to satisfy even the most discerning shopaholics.

(Photo / Grand Hyatt Taipei)

For those who prefer night tours, you can buy tickets for the Taipei 101 observation deck to see the dazzling night scenes of Taipei. You may also go to Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Xinyi (台北信義威秀影城) to watch a midnight movie, or check out the area’s many nightclubs, enjoying the music and dancing the night away. The Xinyi area is dotted with department stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, street performances and more, a great place to either check out the local fashion scene or just party all night long. (Read Also: A Perfect Day in Taipei’s Xinyi District)



Located in Dazhi (大直), the Taipei Marriott Hotel (台北萬豪酒店) is surrounded by the Miramar Ferris Wheel (美麗華摩天輪), cinemas, shopping malls and Michelin-starred restaurants, satisfying travelers’ needs for both audio-visual entertainment and great food.

The Taipei Marriott Hotel offers the best view of Taipei city and attracts a large number of travelers. (Photo / Taipei Marriott Hotel)

One of the highlights of the Taipei Marriott Hotel is INGE’S Bar & Grill on the 20th floor, which is claimed by netizens as the best place to enjoy the nighttime view of Taipei. INGE’S Bar & Grill was designed with a 270-degree panoramic view of the surrounding cityscape. There is a gigantic rooftop observation deck outside the bar, where people can have drinks while enjoying the sunset and awaiting the unfolding of the bustling night view. In addition, since the hotel is adjacent to Taipei Songshan Airport (台北松山機場), aircraft aficionados are able to see aircraft take-off and land, and see their taillights dancing in the night sky as they ascend and descend upon the city.

The outdoor dining area at the Taipei Marriott Hotel offers a tasteful and atmospheric environment, overlooking the night view of the Taipei cityscape. (Photo / Taipei Marriott Hotel)

INGE’S Bar & Grill has always attracted many visitors who want to enjoy the fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Having a view of Taipei 101 at the front and the Miramar Ferris Wheel on the right side of the bar, it’s a doubly romantic, never-duplicated way to greet the new year.



Located in Ximending (西門町), the famous nightlife district of Taipei, Suz & Catorze Hotel (宿之酒店) is surrounded by Taipei’s well-known cinema-lined Movie Street and many late-night diners recommended by netizens, like A Cai Milkfish (阿財 虱目魚肚), Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodles (阿宗麵線) and A Tien Lamb Potage (阿添羊肉羹). The Red House (西門紅樓), where office workers often gather together for drinks at the many bars and restaurants surrounding this Japanese-era red-brick building, is also only 10-minute walk from the hotel. (You might also like: A Day in Historic Ximen)

Famous for being a hotel suitable for both business and leisure trips, Suz & Catorze Hotel offers a chance to experience the lively local life while the one-of-a-kind view gives guests a moment to relax. The trendy restaurant Catorze is located on the top floor and has a 270-degree panoramic view of the Tamsui River (淡水河), Dahan River (大漢溪), and Xindian River (新店溪), as well as Guanyinshan (aka Mt. Guanyin, 觀音山) and Yangmingshan (aka Mt. Yangming, 陽明山). The chandeliers are dazzling as well, decorated with a large number of crystals. The beautiful lighting and excellent ambiance make customer’s dining experience extra romantic.

The River Corner Suite at Suz & Catorze Hotel offers a stunning panoramic view of the many rivers winding their way through Taipei. (Photo / Suz & Catorze Hotel)

There are four different types of rooms in the hotel — Kakure Studio, River Studio, River Corner Studio and River Corner Suite. Each type is outfitted with luxury furniture and appliances to provide guests with an unforgettably comfy stay. Among them, the River Corner Suite contains not only high-end audio-visual equipment but also an island bar in the kitchen. Guests can order a glass of wine, or bring their own wine and late-night snacks, spending a quiet and leisurely night with their travel companions in the room during New Year’s Eve without going to the crowded Lounge Bar.

As 2020 approaches, the Taipei City streets are filled with rich and romantic colors to welcome the new year. Are you ready for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience in Taipei?

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