Coronavirus Update: 30+ Days Without a Locally Transmitted Case

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Taiwan is ever-improving, as the country has gone more than a month without a local case (spread amongst the local community) of the virus. It’s been 31 days since a local case and six days since one has been imported (come from overseas), with the number of confirmed cases sitting on 440, 349 of which were imported. 383 people have recovered so far and seven have died (numbers of May 14).

Despite the numbers here remaining low, precautions are still being taken across many sectors. Wearing facemasks is still mandatory on public transport and upon entering certain public buildings, and it has just been announced that facemasks for children under the age of four (12.7cm by 8cm) will become available from next week. It is also currently not possible to enter Taiwan for non-residents and non-nationals, except under special circumstances. Those who do enter are still required to complete a 14-day self-isolation/quarantine period. (Read more: Coronavirus Update: Taiwan’s Facemask Rationing Website is Now Available in English)

Wearing facemasks is still required on public transport and upon entering certain public buildings in Taiwan at the moment. (Image resource: Clement Souchet)

We encourage everyone in Taiwan to keep playing their part in eradicating the spread of the virus. Despite the situation at the moment looking promising, there’s still a long way to go before things can be considered back to normal. (Read also: Dr. Tedros, Taiwan Scene and MyTaiwanTour Welcome You)

(cover photo: visuals)