Experience Taiwanese Food in the most Authentic Way Possible at Cookinn Taiwan

It’s been said time and time again: Taiwan is famous for its food. Night markets, eateries of Netflix fame, and a bevy of Michelin-starred restaurants, Taiwan’s got it all. However, everyone and anyone can eat the island’s most famous dishes; there’s no prize for polishing off a bowl of braised pork rice (luroufan 滷肉飯) or chowing down on an egg crepe (danbing 蛋餅). However, how often will you have the chance to cook authentic Taiwanese foods for yourself, and how often will you have access to knowledgeable teachers who have plied their trade all across the globe? Well, at Cookinn Taiwan, you’ll have all that and more. (Read more: Taipei Food Tour)

The most authentic way to experience Taiwanese food is to join a cooking class and learn more about the background of each local delicacy. (Image source: MTT)

The team at Cookinn, a cooking school specializing in the best of Taiwanese cuisine, want visitors to Taiwan to experience the local food in the most immersive way possible. Their multilingual instructors will teach you how to make a whole host of the island’s most famous dishes, from three-cup chicken (三杯雞) to scallion pancakes (蔥油餅), and soup dumplings (xiaolongbao 小籠包) to handmade bubble tea (手工珍珠奶茶). 

A new National Palace Museum-themed course at Cookinn includes xiaolongbao, bubble tea and guabao. (Image source: MTT)

Owned by Chelsea Tsai, a Taiwanese cook with experience in the West, the school has received media coverage all over the world, including Brazilian food magazine Revista dos Vegetarianos, Thai TV show ‘Around the World’, and Argentine show ‘Por El Mundo 2019.’

Their classes are immersive and fun, specializing in different areas of Taiwanese cuisine, while foodies will be happy to know there is plenty of tasting involved along the way. For example, Cookinn’s Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast class includes a trip to a local market to discover and try various breakfast dishes before heading to the kitchen to whip up scallion pancakes, danbing and soy milk (豆漿); all popular Taiwanese breakfast staples. While the “Xiao Chi” Taiwanese Street Food class includes the famous Taiwanese hamburger (guabao 割包), luroufan and bubble tea. (Read more: Getting a handle on the Taiwanese hamburger)

Fans of Chinese history and culture may also be interested to hear that Cookinn are teaming up with the world-famous National Palace Museum to offer a cooking class with a taste of times gone by. Make a Qing Dynasty woman-inspired guabao, jadeite cabbage xiaolongbao, and brown sugar bubble tea that looks ink-washed like many of the museum’s gorgeous artworks. Also, if you bring your National Palace Museum entrance ticket to your Cookinn class, you’ll get a free tote bag. Stay tuned for more information on this unique experience. (Read more: National Palace Museum Experiences: A day of History and Culture in Taipei)

Teaming up with the National Palace Museum, Cookinn’s guabao is inspired by a Qing Dynasty woman. (Image source: MTT)

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