Spring 2020: Calendar of Good Times

Spring has sprung in Taipei, a time of constant change and renewal. We are showcasing the rich diversity of our city, a quality that can be experienced in innumerable ways by those who pass through our quaint back alleys and bustling thoroughfares. (Read more: Spring into Action: Five Diversified Tours to Explore Taipei)

The 2020 Dadaocheng Youth Xiqu Art Festival(Now – 4/12)

This is the seventh year of the Dadaocheng Youth Xiqu Art Festival (大稻埕戲苑青年戲曲藝術節). The performance series brings together all manner of xiqu (戲曲, traditional opera), including Taiwanese opera, Beijing opera, Kun opera, Hakka opera, and glove puppetry. This year’s theme is centered on “Classic Story, Modern Interpretation: Fantasy and Chivalry.” Through stories of the weird, ghosts, heroic quests and baring the soul, the performances combine modern artistry with classic xiqu. Performance locations are centered around the Dadaocheng Theater (大稻埕戲苑), which helps give the area its nickname as the “Theater Grotto.” For more information, see the Festival website.

2020 Taipei Azalea Festival (3/14 – 4/5)

The 2020 Taipei Azalea Festival (台北杜鵑花季) takes “Our Promise of Spring” as its creative inspiration this year. It will include the communities and shopping districts near Daan Park (大安森林公園), as well as a series of activities for the spring season, creating the image of a blooming city. The most prominent activity is the “Azalea Concert,” which will be held in Daan Park on March 14. The creative market “Floral Carnival” will be held on March 28. Taipei City invites you to bring your loved ones to enjoy the blossoms, listen to music, and experience the wonder of Taipei through the Azalea Festival. (Read Also: How to Have the Perfect Picnic in Taipei)

2020 Zhuzihu Calla Lily & Hydrangea Festival (3/27 – 6/21)

The 2020 Zhuzihu Calla Lily & Hydrangea Festival (竹子湖海芋季&繡球花季) takes “Happiness and Hope” as its theme, and there will be a variety of flower-viewing activities at Yangmingshan National Park. Calla lily season will start from March, with the flower exhibition kicking off on March 27 in Zhuzihu (竹子湖). The creative market from April 2 to 5 at Zhuzihu invites local venders to join. Visitors can not only have fun at the market but can also experience the fun of picking calla lilies. The hydrangea season, which starts in May, brings with it chances to see the fields resplendent with hydrangeas next to Zhuzihu. This means another great chance for family and friends to see some greenery. (You might also like: Flower Viewing in Taipei: Three Routes Recommended for Couples, Friends, and Families)

2020 Taipei Rose Festival (3/25 – 4/30)

This year’s 2020 Taipei Rose Festival will be held at the Taipei Rose Garden (台北玫瑰園), on the grounds of Taipei Expo Park (台北花博公園). More than 700 varieties of roses are grown within the Garden; the riot of color on display has made the garden known far and wide. A grand opening will be held March 25. The festival gives visitors a wonderful experience of scent, taste and sight as they appreciate the flowers.

2020 Baosheng Cultural Festival (3/28 – 6/28)

Baosheng Cultural Festival (保生文化祭) is one of Taipei’s three biggest religious celebrations. It began as a way to celebrate the birthday of Baosheng Emperor, the God of Medicine, and to pray for health and peace. The main event and birthday celebration of 2020’s Baosheng Cultural Festival will be held on April 7, 2020. For more information, please check the website. (Read more: Baosheng Cultural Festival: A Festive Event Full of History, Religion and Community)

2020 Eid Al-Fitr in Taipei

The Muslim tradition of Eid al-Fitr symbolizes purity and rebirth. In Taipei, the once-a-year Eid al-Fitr celebration will begin in late May. On the day of the canival, a world Muslim market will come to Daan Park, bringing Muslim product selections and interactive cultural experiences. There will also be singers and bands performing live during the festival. The nearby Taipei Grand Mosque (台北清真寺) welcomes all local and visiting Muslims to join together in prayers for peace and new beginnings. (You might also like: How to Dress for Spring in Taiwan (March, April and May))

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